5 Reasons To Consider Acreage Living

Have you been considering acreage living? Here are just a few reasons why many have been making the move out of urban areas and stepping into rural acreage life.

Ranking very high on the list of reasons you may consider acreage life is privacy. Living on a large plot of land provides more privacy and seclusion than living in a densely populated urban area. Less dense populations means less traffic during commutes and higher speed limits may impact your drives making it easier to get to and from amenities, despite them being slightly further away than in city neighbourhoods.

Acreage living allows for more space, both indoors and outdoors giving homeowners the opportunity to have larger gardens, outdoor recreation areas, swimming pools and even farm animals, and of course, a barn to keep them in. Lots of larger sizes are easier to find in the country and truly opens up the possibilities of design, from both a functional and recreational standpoint.

Living in a rural area can offer breathtaking natural landscapes, peaceful surroundings, and wildlife sightings. Close proximity to nature is often a key factor in shifting over to acreage life. Here in Alberta, our beautiful borealis forests and lush river valleys are home to deer, moose, beavers, cougars, coyotes, foxes, rabbits and further west, even wolves. Photographers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, anglers and hikers alike, can all step outside their acreage home and into the serene wildness of nature they seek.

Additionally, being away from urban pollution and traffic, acreage living provides much fresher air and a healthier living environment. Beyond just fresh air, acreage life means reduced noise and light pollution. Living in a rural area often can provide a quieter lifestyle with less noise pollution from traffic, construction, and city living and dark night skies illuminated only by stars and the moon.

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